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Body BeneFits is once again bringing cutting-edge technology to our clients here in The Woodlands, Texas. We are thrilled to offer fast, painless and affordable teeth whitening from NuYu Teeth Whitening, an FDA-approved, safe, cosmetic dental procedure. Getting a brighter smile is easier than you think! The NuYu Teeth Whitening system utilizes an advanced technology and an enamel-safe formula, for teeth up to 14 shades brighter on the IPN Portrait Shade Guide, after just one 30 minute session.*


NuYu Teeth Whitening is one of the newest, quickest, safest, and most effective teeth whitening systems available outside of a dental office. NuYu Teeth Whitening is guaranteed to rapidly produce a noticeably brighter and whiter smile. NuYu Teeth Whitening is one of the only processes currently available that will give you dramatic results in just 30 minutes with an easy, convenient process for people on the go – at an affordable price!

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So how does this new teeth whitening system work?

The NuYu Teeth Whitening System treatment uses a patented mouth tray and Whitening Accelerator light. The Whitening Accelerator light produces an intense cold-light, illuminating the teeth and boosting the release of hydroxyl radicals at a wavelength of 400-500 nanometers, which is the most effective whitening range. The harmful ultra-violet (UV) and infrared light spectrum is completely removed by the filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold light in the blue-aqua spectrum, penetrating deep into the teeth and activating the whitening formula to its optimal potency. The NuYu Teeth Whitening formula consists of an FDA-approved, American-made, 44% Carbamide Peroxide (14.7% HP) with a 1% HP photo initiator.

Research has shown that there are five elements to successful teeth whitening:

Peroxide – The active ingredient in virtually all tooth whitening products, peroxides react with light and oxygen to form hydroxyl radicals, which penetrate the tooth enamel, breaking down years of stains, leaving a beautifully white smile.

Light – The whitening process is intensified by using the Whitening Accelerator light with its gentle, blue-aqua spectrum, which is perfectly safe for teeth, gums, and skin. By exposing the teeth to this type of light while the peroxide is on the teeth, the whitening action occurs far more quickly than with peroxide alone, increasing the rate of release of hydroxyl radicals.

Pressure – Mild pressure is required to squeeze peroxide into the structure of the tooth. The NuYu Teeth Whitening system accomplishes this without the need for an expensive, custom tray. Instead, a patented mouthpiece is used to press the peroxide gel onto the tooth surface for optimal tooth whitening results.

Heat – Peroxide activity increases with temperature, releasing more of its powerful hydroxyl radicals than would occur at lower temperatures. The NuYu Whitening system utilizes the pressure of the mouth tray, and the Whitening Accelerator light in combination with your internal mouth temperature, to raise the temperature of the peroxide, which in turn greatly reduces treatment time.

Exposure – To a certain extent, the longer you expose your teeth to a combination of peroxide, light, heat and pressure, the whiter your teeth will become. But a balance must be struck between repetition of applications and exposure time. Peroxide eventually breaks down into water, loosing its effectiveness faster with more light and heat exposure.

The NuYu Teeth Whitening system combines these factors to give you the optimum whitening result.


Though it is not necessary, it certainly doesn’t hurt the process. The cleaner your teeth are, the better they will react to the teeth whitening procedure. It is also a good idea to ask your dentist if there may be any reason you should wait to have your teeth whitened.

Individual results will vary, depending on the stain type, level of stain, genetics, and thickness of tooth enamel. You can expect to see an improvement of up to 14 shades brighter on the IPN Portrait Shade Guide, after just one 30 minute session, and more improvement with more sessions.

To help ensure the color of your teeth does not relapse, we recommend three teeth whitening sessions. Not everyone will relapse, and it’s hard to know who will relapse and who will not; it truly depends on genetics. But we find that relapse is rare after three sessions. The average client will return once every six months for a follow-up, but results can last up to two years.

How long an individual’s teeth whitening results will last varies from person to person and depends on diet and lifestyle, but results could last up to two years with proper maintenance. Some obvious detractors to this time-frame include smoking, the use of chewing tobacco, and consumption of beverages such as coffee, red wine or soda. Using the NuYu whitening pen everyday will help maintain their bright smiles by removing daily stains. We also recommend clients use the whitening pen at least three times in the 24 hours following the procedure, while the teeth are still porous. This may result in another shade or more whitening.

nuyu before afterYou may experience mild tingling along the gums during the treatment. Most of our clients experience no pain or sensitivity during or after the treatment. A very small percentage of clients may feel a minor ache or some sensitivity with their gums within the first twelve hours following the procedure. Avoid cold or hot drinks for the first 24 hours if there is any tooth sensitivity.

Alleviating the teeth sensitivity can be done by rubbing a small amount of Sensodyne toothpaste on the teeth, keeping there for 15-20 minutes. For clients who experience tooth sensitivity, you may want to replace your regular toothpaste with Sensodyne for the next two to three days until sensitivity subsides. For gum sensitivity, apply liquid vitamin E directly to the gums. All sensitivity should dissipate within 24 hours. However, if you experience pain during the procedure, immediately remove the mouth tray and consult your dentist, as this may be a sign of a more serious periodontal condition.

As with any elective procedure, pregnant women, children under the age of 16, as well as clients with periodontal disease are discouraged from undergoing this procedure. Also, anyone with sores or cuts in their mouths, dental work that needs to be done such as fillings, and root canals, or if you have gum disease, we advise you have this corrected by your dentist prior to getting your teeth whitened, whether using the NuYu Teeth Whitening system, or any other.

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The NuYu Teeth Whitening System delivers phenomenal results for natural teeth that have been stained by smoking or by substances like coffee, tea or red wine. The treatment also whitens teeth stained by tetracycline, fluoride, or genetic discoloration. There has also been success with clients that have discoloration caused by steroids and chemotherapy, thought it is suggested that they undergo a two-session package. It is possible that it may help dental restorations, such as bonds, veneers, fillings, or crowns by returning them to the original color produced by your dentist; though this cannot be guaranteed.

Not sure if NuYu Teeth Whitening is right for you? Want to learn more about teeth whitening at Body BeneFits? Call today to schedule a free consultation. Be sure to ask us about any discounts or specials we may be offering with our NuYu Teeth Whitening, as well as combining these services with other skin care treatments and facials.

* As with any cosmetic treatment, the degree of improvement is greatly influenced by the client’s age and general health, as well as their dental health (particularly in the health of tooth enamel), the thickness of enamel, genetics, and personal or dietary habits. The regularity and quality of dental care, brushing, and flossing habits, as well as diet, smoking and use of certain prescription or recreational drugs, can have significant effects on the level of whiteness an individual’s teeth will obtain.