Body BeneFits is proud to be offering Infinity Sun, state-of-the-art airbrush spray tanning technology and beauty products for the consumer. We have the highest quality airbrush spray tans available to you six days a week! We are providing you exclusive access to the full line, including Infinity Sun’s non-abrasive exfoliants and both Glow on the Go Sunless Tanning products.

Infinity Sun is a UV Free sunless healthy tan. Have a beautiful tan in minutes with this state-of-the-art anti-aging formula. Look younger and feel more confident! Camouflage cellulite, spider veins and even vitiligo! Enhance your skin’s appearance with a healthy beach glow.

Infinity Sun is brown with a slightly pink undertone which casts a natural brown color that looks as if you have just come in from basking in the sun – not that fake orange glow so often associated with other sunless tanning products. Suits all skin tones and lasts up to 7 days; or up to 14 days if you use PH Balance/Neutralizer and after-care products.


Rapid Development Ultra Dark sunless tanning solution is enriched with antioxidants and botanicals as well as the highest-grade sunless tanners that leave the skin hydrated, while creating an immediate and natural-looking Ultra Dark tan. This formula absorbs and dries quickly and develops in 1 hour. For darker results, it continuously deepens over a 12 hour period creating a tan that lasts 7-14 days. The walnut based instant bronzer will create an immediate color that will be the envy of many.

Infinity Sun Exfoliant is designed to remove dead skin cells at the end of their life cycle with a non abrasive cream, unlike traditional methods of exfoliation. It contains a pineapple enzyme that leaves the skin surface unflawed and ready for an even absorption on the outer layers of the skin. Let us provide you with a tropical bliss and of our exfoliant and hot steamed towels followed by our sunless spray tan for the ultimate tan!

Infinity Sun Extenders contain the highest quality antioxidants and galactoarabinan, a skin conditioner that reduces transepidermal water loss that keeps the skin hydrated. Additional plant extracts, emollients and humectants are added to prolong the life of the skin cells, ensuring the sunless tan lasts longer on the skin. DHA and eythrulose deposit additional color, reviving color before it begins to fade. This product is designed to keep the skin soft and silky-looking and to extend the tan for an additional 2-3 days.

Infinity Extend with Shimmer contains mica particulates which produces a radiant shimmering effect. A super-hydrating lotion containing antioxidants, botanicals, DHA and mica particulates. This product is designed to keep the skin soft and silky-looking and to extend the tan for an additional 2-3 days, with an added touch of shimmering radiance. Great for the holidays!

Infinity Sun’s “Glow On the Go” is an eco-friendly sunless tanning aerosol, made with seven essential oils, vitamins A and E, and vanilla aromatherapy. It is the only spray tan in a can that does not use propellants and alcohol, that keeps the skin soft and hydrated, supple and radiant, while creating a sumptuous glow that lasts for up to 7-13 days. Infinity Sun is the first and only carbon neutral company in the tanning industry and all Infinity Sun products contain organic ingredients.

Infinity Sun‘s celebrity clientele includes: Brooke Burke, winner of “Dancing With the Stars”, Jessica Alba, Giselle Bündchen, Paula Abdul, Adrien Grenier, Mandy Moore, David Beckham and many more. Infinity Sun is featured prominently on many hit TV shows, including Millionaire Matchmaker, Entourage, Sunset Tan, The Style Network’s “Style Scenes”, E! Entertainment’s Academy awards “48 hour make-over”, Dr 90210 and many others. Infinity Sun was also the Official Spray Tanning system on the Britney Spears Circus Tour.

Prepare To Tan

  • Shower and shave the day before
  • Exfoliate with Infinity Sun’s non-abrasive body polisher
  • Do not wear lotion or deodorant on the day of your spray tan
  • Do not wear make-up

Our Ph Balance Normalization treatment is a great preparation prior to your sunless tan!

After You Tan

  • Allow to dry 10-15 minutes before putting on loose-fitting clothes
  • Wear loose, dark clothing and open toe sandals
  • Wait until the following day to shower or work-out as sweat will remove the tanner
  • Do not exfoliate
  • Do not swim as this will remove the sunless tanner

Purchase an Extender to maintain the tan 2-3 extra days or Glo on the Go for up to 7 days. Use the Infinity Sun Glow on the Go sunless tanning to touch up the face, hands and feet between Infinity tan sessions or while on vacation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed* or your next one is FREE (*must call within 24 hours of date you were sprayed). We Do Tanning Parties! Birthdays, Celebrations, or just for FUN! We will come to you and get your party GLOWING! Please call for information and pricing.



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