Laser Vein Ablation

WHAT IS Laser Vein Ablation ?

The eMax leg veins and other vascular lesions treatment utilizes elōs™ technology which combines laser energy and bi-polar radio-frequency (RF) energy to treat view abliation. Both optical and RF components are delivered to the skin as a combined pulse resulting in an efficient and safe treatment.


The optical energy is selectively absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood vessels and causes it to heat up. Temperature is inversely proportional to the impedance. As temperature increases the impedance of the target structure decreases, RF current is attracted to pre-heated blood vessels and further elevates the temperature of the target structures to a level required for clearance.

In addition, RF current has a higher affinity to blood than the surrounding tissue because of the relatively high conductivity of blood, due to the high concentration of electrolytes.

Realistic Expectations

The eMax leg veins and vascular lesions treatment may improve the appearance of these lesions. The final result can be shrinkage of the vessel, or coagulation and no further blood refill. However, the degree of improvement and the number of sessions required vary in patients with vascular lesions severity.

What to Expect During and After the Treatment:

Compared to other laser technologies, Syneron elōs™ utilizes less energy and provides for more accurate targeting of veins. Built-in contact cooling protects the epidermis from unwanted damage and helps to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure.

During treatment, Bi-Polar RF energy is released between the two electrodes in the handpiece. RF energy is highly controllable which means the highest level of energy can be delivered to each targeted vessel. From a safety perspective, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Treatment with the LV/LVA applicators will improve the appearance of unattractive leg veins, spider veins, facial spider veins, and more. Once treated, large blue/green leg veins and spider veins will fade over time.

A patient can continue with treatment until they are satisfied with results. Treatments are usually spaced between 4-8 weeks. The treatment has little to no down-time and a patient can resume their regular activities immediately.

Our Laser Technicians are certified and trained by The Texas Laser Institute as Professional Laser Technicians and Laser Safety Officers – Association of Laser Professionals (TLI-ALP) is an approved certifying body by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide the prerequisite examination for individuals to become a Professional Laser Hair Removal Technician. Every provider under Rule 302 is now required to have a Registered Professional Laser Hair Removal Technician on staff. Body BeneFits is in compliance with Rule 193.17 of The Texas Medical Board.


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