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Thermo-Lo Skin Treatments In The Woodlands

Thermo-Lo Treatment

WHAT IS Thermo-Lo Skin Treatment​?

Another option to laser skin treatments for many of the same skin conditions, including rosacea (redness), melasma, spider veins, cherry hemangiomas (raised, red spots), milia (tiny white bumps or small cysts), acne, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia (an enlarging of the sebaceous glands producing yellow, shiny bumps on the face), cholesterol deposits, and more is Thermo-Lo.

Thermo-Lo – removal of a wide range of skin issues, including “sun spots” or “age spots.” It is also used for hair removal. All of these treatments can be done almost anywhere on the body. Best of all, it generally takes only 1 treatment! This is a great addition to our spot treatments along with our IPL.

Thermo-Lo is not a laser; it is a pin-pointed electrical current. Thermo-Lo only works on the top layers of the skin (epidermis) leaving the dermal layers of the skin unaffected. Thermo-Lo can be applied precisely to the area that you want treated, simply touching the epidermis and allowing the current to attract to the water to dehydrate the problem area, causing the body to exfoliate the dried skin over the next few days following treatment.

The downtime for Thermo-Lo skin treatments is minimal and the treatment can be permanent. What the client feels during the treatment is a slight heat or pin-pricking sensation – the level of discomfort depends on their pain tolerance. Most clients tolerate the treatment quite easily.


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